Victorian Wood Heater Experts

Countrywide Wood Heaters is conveniently based in Kyneton, which is centrally located for delivery of wood heaters anywhere in Victoria.

We're known across the state as wood heating experts, and for a good reason: we've been selling wood heaters since 1994.

So, if you're thinking about getting a wood heater for yourself, why not browse the range online and give us a call. Alternatively, next time you're in Kyneton, drop by and see the range for yourself.

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Wood Heaters Kyneton

Kyneton is a chilly place in the winter, with a high elevation and blisteringly cold winds lots of locals swear by their wood heaters for warmth and a cosy atmosphere.

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Wood Heaters Macedon

Located at the southern end of the Great Dividing Range, the Macedon region is one of the coolest in Victoria – it even snows on the nearby Mt Macedon in Winter. With plenty of firewood around, a wood heater is an excellent option in this part of the state. 

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Wood Heaters Romsey

The historic township of Romsey, known for its character-filled streetscape, award-winning wineries and country hospitality. No heritage home feels complete without a roaring fire – the perfect spot to relax with a glass of local merlot after a long day at work. 

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Wood Heaters Lancefield

Eclectic Lancefield with its arts, antiques and markets is the perfect tree-change destination and what move to the country would be complete without a blazing fire to set the scene and provide relief from the bracing Winter chill

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Wood Heaters Gisborne

Just 45 minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Melbourne CBD, Gisborne is growing rapidly with new homes being built every day for city-workers looking for a country lifestyle or an affordable family home. A contemporary wood heater is an excellent addition to your build, adding value and charm to your dream home.

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Wood Heaters Daylesford

Gourmet, and at time alternative, Daylesford is for people looking to embrace a village life. Winter in Daylesford is cold; so many locals enjoy the benefits of a wood fire – including the environmental ones – like a heating source for the home, cooking and hot water.

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Wood Heaters ​Trentham

Located high on the Great Dividing Range, historical Trentham is a cool spot reaching an average Summer temperature of just 22 degrees Celsius. Winter is distinctly cold; occasionally snowing between June and August. Locals swear by wood fires to warm up after a long chilly day.

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Delivery to Your Location

Wood heaters are approximately 100-200kg, so delivery will be to the closest point that can be arranged via freight company (We will be in contact to confirm once you have placed your order or alternatively contact us now and we can confirm).

Often the heater installer will pick up your heater and flue from Countrywide on the day of installation, this will need to be discussed with your plumber/heater installer

Please contact us for further information.

We provide wood heaters from Kyneton and we can ship to you all over Victoria.