We countdown the 10 most efficient wood heaters! It’s important to do your research when deciding on the right wood heater, and finding one that will heat your home efficiently. We’ve taken some of the leg work out, and have compiled this list of the top 10 most efficient wood heaters (in order from least to most efficient). 

10. Coonara Settler Ranch Freestanding

72% Efficiency

When it comes to the most efficient wood heaters on the market, Coonara certainly hold their own. This proudly Australian made unit is renowned for its reliability, and at 72% efficiency has truly earned a well-deserved place in our top 10. Combining tradition with innovation, it’s a fantastic way heat your home effectively.

9. Heatcharm C500 Freestanding Wood Heater

72% Efficiency

The Heatcharm C500 is another worthy addition to our top 10, with a 72% efficiency rating. With a self-cleaning window and a quiet 3 speed fan, this unit will quietly go about the business of heating your home with a minimum of fuss. Paired with an impressively high wood heating efficiency, it’s hard to go past. 

8. Nectre MK 1 Freestanding Wood Heater

73% Efficiency

For a compact unit, the Nectre MK 1 really packs a punch. Powerful enough to heat 20 squares of living area, this wood heater combines a high efficiency rating of 73% with a modest heat output.

7. Morso 7900 Series Freestanding Wood Heater

73% Efficiency

This striking unit is unique for more than one reason. With its eye-catching design, the high efficiency rating of 73% does not fail to impress either. Not just a pretty face, this hardworking heater can ramp up the warmth when needed, making it a notable mention in our top ten most efficient wood heaters.

6. Invicta Ove Freestanding Wood Heater

76% Efficiency

The chic French design makes this heater a unique focal point but the thing that will really get you talking is the wood heating energy efficiency. With a 76% rating, this environmentally friendly unit will help slash those energy costs.

5. Invicta Alcor Freestanding Wood Heater

77% Efficiency

With a 77% wood heating efficiency rating, the Invicta Alcor is one of the most efficient wood heaters on the market. Combined with the aesthetic flair of French design, this heater is unique for its panoramic flames and tubular body.

4. Nectre 15LE Freestanding Wood Heater

79% Efficiency

With its high quality Australian design and manufacture, the proof is in the performance - with a 79% efficiency rating. Demonstrating the expertise of over 40 years in heater design, the Nectre 15LE makes for a superior choice when choosing a wood heater that is superiorly efficient.

3. Nectre N60 Freestanding Wood Heater

84% Efficiency

If you want to combine efficient wood heating with contemporary design, this is the wood heater for you. With an incredible 84% efficiency rating, the Nectre N60 is another stellar example of Australian design. The chic European style belies how truly hardworking this unit is: the N60 is sustainable energy in the most beautiful form.

2. Lopi Cape Cod Freestanding Wood Heater

83% Efficiency

The Cape Cpd offers one of the most impressive wood heating performances on the market, with an amazing efficiency rate of 83%. It works brilliantly to heat large spaces, and the added Hybrid Fyre technology ensures maximum re-burn of the products of combustion.

1. Jotul F163 Freestanding Wood Heater

85% Efficiency

This truly impressive unit is the most efficient of all our wood heaters, with an incredible 85% efficiency rating. This powerful unit can heat up to 100 m2, and the truly extraordinary performance of this heater has earned it a well-deserved place in the number one spot of our top 10 list of most efficient wood heaters.