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It doesn’t take long to see why the Stovax Riva Studio 3 Freestanding Wood Heater is increasingly impressing people. As one of the largest wood burning fires available on the market, this highly efficient and visually impressive fire has the same 18kW of heat output as inbuilt wood heater designs. Paired with stunning widescreen views of your roaring fire, the Studio 3 Freestanding will create maximum visual impact in rooms of larger proportions.

The Riva Studio freestanding wood heater is available in three sizes: Studio 1, 2 and 3. All fitted with the same innovative firebox attributes as inbuilts, the Riva wood heater will be a welcome addition to your home. 

The Stovax Riva Studio 3 Freestanding Wood Heater boasts a number of impressive features. Firstly, the Riva Freestanding version can be mounted on a hearth or installed onto a Riva Bench. With other styling options including a black glass top plate, gloss black enamel flue pipe or square section flue covers.

Furthermore,  the safety benefits on the Studio 3 leave nothing to be desired.  Compared to the doors on the Studio 1 and 2 that are left hinged. The larger Studio 3 door opens downwards, minimising the risk of ash falling beyond the hearth and into the room. Making less of a mess and a safer use of your wood heater. 

The effective and ergonomic design is not the only aspects that set the Stovax Riva Studio wood heater a part. The design is also flexible and in turn allows for your wood heater to suit a large range of spaces. This freestanding wood heater comes complete with both the latest cleanburn and airwash technology.

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