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Warm up your tribe with the Coonara Aussie Radiant Freestanding Wood Heater. The New Coonara Aussie is perfect for any small living area. However is able to still exude a modern, contemporary feel through its clean lines and suave design. The Coonara Aussie Woodheater comes with an optional steel Trivet for Boiling a Kettle or Cooking on. The Coonara Aussie will inspire awe to any one that comes to your home, whilst also providing penetrating warmth and comfort.

The new Coonara Radiant Heater is what our country has been waiting for. It is small in size, but it has the versatility and charm that you expect from an Aussie icon.

This Coonara Radiant is designed to heat an area of up to 15 squares* while the flames are simply breathtaking. This heater comes with an optional steel trivet for boiling water or cooking on.

The Aussie is available on legs or as a Aussie Stacker (Includes woodbox storage underneath)


  • Heats up to 12 squares
  • Optional Steel Trivet
  • 60% average heating efficiency
  • Made in Australia

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