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The Arrow brand continues their strongly forged industry leadership with their Triple Burn combustion system. The innovative design of the Arrow 1800 Freestanding Wood Heater provides increased fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. Arrow have fitted this freestanding wood heater with a fully welded steel plate firebox, which thanks to it’s improved cast iron liners, allows the Arrow 1800 to provide greater heat retention in the firebox and efficiently transfer heated air throughout the home. All Arrow wood heaters are manufactured with a 3-way air induction system for optimum heat output.

The Arrow Triple Burn combustion system is showcased in the innovative design of the Arrow 1800 Freestanding Wood Heater, providing you with enhanced fuel effeciency and cleaner emissions.

The Arrow 1800 Freestanding Wood Heater is equipped with a superior 3-way air induction system. Seamlessly added to the firebox, it provides your home a complete burn of the fuel with an optimum level of heat output. Furthermore, the 3-way air system enhances even when your fuel levels are lower than they should be.

Additionally, the 3 speed fan yields maximum heat distribution for your home, effectively heating the entire house! Fitted with a larger ash draw under the grate, the Arrow 1800 Freestanding Wood Heater will effectively burn all of the deposited wood, whilst catching all of the miniscule amount of resulting ash. All you will have to do is simply empty the drawer once a week (or less). You can even empty the ash drawer while the fire is burning!

The benefits of the Arrow 1800 are endless, and most importantly it will offer your home 24-hour warmth all winter. This is because you will never have a need to extinguish the fire and shovel out the ash, as with the case in many other wood heaters.

You will be able to easily set the airflow with a simple finger tip slide at the base of the fire. With small adjustments, you will achieve the perfect burning rate and maintain burning to keep your home warm on those cold winter mornings.

The Arrow 1800 Freestanding wood heater proves the continuing product development has seen significant improvements in performance, efficiency and low emissions.


  • Heats up to 25 squares
  • Cast iron liners
  • 64.3% average heating effeciency
  • Removable ashtray
  • Easy cleaning
  • 3 speed fan

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