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Whether you seek a wood heater that is superior in construction, durability or longevity, the Arrow 1600 Inbuilt Wood Heater ticks all the boxes. With its unique Triple Burn combustion system, your home not only has an efficient wood heater, but also a wood heater that is economical on fuel and produces cleaner emissions. All of these aspects act as a testament to the brand’s superiority in manufacturing.

The Arrow 1600 Inbuilt Wood Heater features a number of high standards in its construction, durability and longevity.  They’re a testament to the brand’s superiority in manufacturing.

Fittingly they are manufactured in Australia and are equipped with performance enhancing cast iron elements. Arrow wood heaters understand your needs and basic expectations of a wood heater. All models are fitted with a easy to use ash pan, which affords you the convenience and ease of use when cleaning your wood heater.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the ash pan means you will never have to let the fire go out. Filling your home with warmth from dusk til dawn.

The cast iron fire box liners and cast iron gates are a feature that is favoured by most in the Arrow 1600 Inbuilt Wood Heater.

Additionally to this, the Arrow 1600 comes equipped with a unique triple burn system that increases its fuel efficiency, whilst also producing cleaner emissions.

The Arrow 1600 Inbuilt wood Heater proves the continuing product development has seen significant improvements in performance, efficiency and low emissions. Rated up to 25 squares.


  • Heats up to 25 squares
  • Cast iron liners
  • 65% average heating efficiency
  • Bottom grates
  • Removable ash tray
  • Easy cleaning
  • 3 speed fan

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