It isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ situation when it comes to finding the best wood heater on the market. From style, to efficiency, to uniqueness, we can help you to narrow down the best wood heater for your home.  

Nectre N60

For those seeking a more modern and compact wood heater the Nectre N60 released in 2015 in hard to go past. This European style, yet manufactured in Australia wood heater, gives you the opportunity to transform your living area with the ultimate radiant wood heater that will compliment any décor.

Heatcharm Port Phillip

For trusted reliability and a big enough firebox to heat the whole house, the Heatcharm Port Phillip offer matchless class with its large bay window to watch the flicker of the flame, complete with cast iron lined firebox and a 3 speed fan.. 

Coonara C600

For the more conservative person who simply wants a reliable wood heater at a reasonable price, the Australian manufactured Coonara C600 is an obvious choice for many consumers.

Stovax Riva

The Stovax Riva range of wood heaters is for those seeking a truly unique heater with the massive landscape view of your fire, you can be reassured the widest wood heater on the market will be the talking point of your home.

Ned Kelly

After a wood heater to heat your shed, ‘man-cave’ or gallery, the iconic Ned Kelly or Bakers oven both have the ability to keep you and your kettle boiling on the coldest winter days and nights.

There you have it, our picks for best wood heaters for any situation or area of your home.