Countrywide Wood Heaters can provide your home with the perfect flue kit for your new wood heater. Historically a flue is the chimney itself. However, our flue kits will allow you to expel smoke from your wood fire to the outdoors. We offer flue kits for your freestanding wood heater or a flue kit for your inbuilt wood heater. Talk to the team today about the type of heater you have and we can match the flue to fit your needs. 


6” Inbuilt Flue Kit (3.6m)


1 x 6-8” Chinamans Cowl (Vented)
4 x 6” Stainless Flue Lengths
1 x 8” Chimney Plate - Stainless

6” Decorative Freestanding Flue Kit – Slotted (3.6m)


1 x 6-10” Chinamans Cowl (Vented)
4 x 6” Stainless Flue Lengths
2 x 8” Decorative(Perforated) Flue Lengths – Painted (Bottom Length will have starter ring)
2 x 10” Galvanised Flue Lengths (Bottom length will have Default Ring and Painted to match decorative)
2 x 8” Galvanised Flue Lengths
2 x Support Angles
1 x Ceiling Ring – Painted


Please Note: Correct installation of wood heater and flue kit is the responsibility of installer.