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Bring a touch of France to your home with the elegantly designed Invicta Alcor Freestanding Wood Heater. Since 1924 Invita have been creating the most interesting and entrancing fires through their strongly welded and interestingly shaped wood heaters. Panoramic flames and tubular body make the Alcor a centerpiece in your lounge area. Combined with the ability to heat up to 10 squares, full cast iron body and highly efficient heating rating, the Alcor can warm a variety of areas.

Since 1924 Invicta have been perfecting the combination of style and heating functionality. Compliant with Australian standards, the Alcor Freestanding Wood Heater by Invicta brings a touch of elegance straight from France.

The beautiful shape of the wood heater leaves nothing to be desired. Sleek cast iron is created into a slim tubular shape. Due to the petite form of the Alcor, it has impressively low space requirements. Making it perfect for smaller spaces.

Another amazing feature of the sleek wood heater is the panoramic glass that is effortlessly included in the curvature of the body. The curved glass door will give you a true feel of quality. Furthermore, the large viewing window will allow you to watch the majestic flames that the Alcor produces.

Heating up to 10 squares, this radiant heater thermalmass storage that is able to hold heat for hours. Paired with a 6KW power out put, the Invicta Alcor Freestanding Wood Heater can also be used in slightly larger spaces.


  • Heats up to 10 squares
  • Cast iron body
  • 77% average heating efficiency
  • Made in France

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